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faqCan you mow my lawn every other week?

Experts agree that turfgrass should never have more than 1/3 of the blade of grass removed at any one time. Doing so causes an accumulation of longer clippings that the micro-organisms in the lawn have difficulty breaking down and is a leading cause of thatch build-up. The more obvious result is an unattractive lawn. Since our goal is for you to have a beautiful and healthy lawn, Allor Outdoor Services offers only weekly service.

Can you cut my grass really short?

People often see the beautiful, short grass found on golf courses and hope to replicate that tidy appearance at home. Unfortunately, it takes great care and specialized grass varieties to achieve that look. Most northern grasses like the Rye, Fescue & Bluegrass varieties found in Michigan lawns should be cut with sharp blades at approx 3” in height. Cutting too short leads to an unhealthy lawn due to shallow root growth and an environment that’s more inviting to weeds. Shorter grass also requires more frequent watering to avoid drying. Exceptions to this rule would be late in the season, before the lawn goes dormant.

Do you bag the grass or mulch it?

Experts agree that mulching grass is beneficial to lawns because it provides valuable nutrients to the roots as clipping decompose. (bagging is like throwing away FREE fertilizer!) Allor Outdoor Services uses a method called “broadcast mulching” which evenly distributes clippings and helps to minimize clumps in wet conditions.

Doesn’t mulching create thatch, which can harm my lawn?

Thatch can certainly harm a lawn, but it is not a by-product of mulching. Thatch is a symptom of an unhealthy lawn that can be caused by many things including; over-fertilization, improper watering or removing to much of the grass blade at one time. Allor Outdoor Services uses a holistic approach to lawn care that relies heavily on prevention to ensure the overall health of your lawn.

What can you do if my yard is really wet?

Wet (saturated) yards can be caused by poor drainage, poor soil conditions, lack of sun or a combination of all of these. Excessive rainfall can obviously cause this problem on a temporary basis. Solutions include; re-grading of the soil, installation of underground drainage pipes (French Drain Systems), soil aeration or tree pruning/removal. Short of these solutions, we take great care in trying to minimize the impact that our commercial equipment has on these areas. In spite of our best efforts, some temporary damage may be unavoidable. As always, our goal is to do whatever is necessary to keep your property looking its best and satisfy our clients.

Is my lawn mowed the same day every week?

We make every effort to mow your property the same day each week, however our service can be affected by unforeseen occurrences such as inclement weather or other conflicts. As a rule…expect to see us in a regular and timely manner

faq2How much does service cost?

Prices for our services are quoted on an individual basis and are determined by several factors, however we are confident that we offer the best VALUE currently available in the market.

Do you offer any cost-saving programs?

A majority of our business is by referrals, which we attribute to consistently high levels of customer care and competitive pricing. As a "Thank You" for referring a friend or neighbor to our full-time service, it would be our pleasure to offer you a free mowing. We also have multi-home discounts and monthly/seasonal specials.

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